Craft-PvP (x50)
Gracia Final

Top RB Hunters of May

1 Kraft 292
2 DoKeN1312 276
3 Dare 111


Prepare for new EPIC ERA of L2Toxic!!!
It was 10 years and 3 month of fights and hard challenges for players and administration of project! We will remember all clans and allys that was fighting for dominance on L2toxic world! We are grateful to all players and clans that shared these moments with us! But it is the moment to change something, to bring new breath to something we love, we hope players love it with same passion like old L2Toxic, and you will understand why we do it..
New L2Toxic server is coming soon!!!
The same server but with some changes will start at 8th of December of 2019 at 14:00 GMT 0:00 LONDON Time
Super active GMs, stability and comfort! New L2Toxic world will wait brave hearts that will be able to challenge it!!!
Bring your friends and bring your clans to L2Toxic.com!
The same but NEW server with all feautures that we have, less donations options (not OP donations) and all the best for you all! All our zones and cols farm areas, oly with cols farming. Easy dynasty enchant system! All the same and we make back Epic Festival Adena for Vesper items for more competition!
If you have any questions about new server or have some good suggetsions, write email to [email protected]